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Luke Howard - Namer of Clouds

Bruce Grove, in Tottenham, North London, was for many years home to several Quaker families, including Robert Howard, Luke Howard's elder son, and it was to his house, No 7 Bruce Grove, that Luke returned to live in his last years, with his sister Elizabeth Howard nearby.

Though Luke's profession was that of a pharmaceutical chemist, his "hobby" was Meteorology. In 1802, he gave his paper "On the Modifications of Clouds" to a meeting of the Askesian Society, and the names he devised then for the four main types of cloud - Cirrus, Cumulus, Nimbus and Stratus - have, in their various combinations, stood the test of time and are still in global use today. A book was published in 2001 entitled "The Invention of Clouds" by Richard Hamblyn (Picador ISBN 0-330-39194-1) which describes the background to Luke's work, places it in the context of scientific thought of the day, and traces the development of Meteorology as a science. John A. Day, an American meterologist, has written about Luke Howard in his "Book of Clouds", and this, and other material can be viewed on his Cloudman web pages.

In April 2002, English Heritage in conjunction with the Met Office erected a Blue Plaque to "Luke Howard, Namer of Clouds" on No 7 Bruce Grove, which was unveiled by Michael Fish (the senior weatherman for BBC TV).  The family was represented by Tony Howard (Robert's Gt-Grandson) with members of his family, and also by Oliver Howard, Raymond Lloyd, Richard Lloyd and Nick Putz who descend from John Eliot Howard. Both the local Quaker Meeting and the Christian Brethren of Tottenham were also represented to make the link to Luke's Christian background. The staff of the Bruce Castle Museum of the London Borough of Haringey welcomed everyone back to their premises for a buffet lunch.

Frontispiece: Cimate of London
No 7 Bruce Grove

No 7, Bruce Grove

Luke Howard Plaque

The Plaque:
Luke Howard 1773-1864 Namer of Clouds Lived and Died here

Michael Fish and Tony Howard

Michael Fish and Tony Howard

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Tony & Rina Howard, their children Patrick, Clare and Andrew, and grandson Luke; Oliver Howard; Nick Putz; Raymond & Richard Lloyd; Michael Fish

Raymond Lloyd and Oliver Howard

Raymond Lloyd and Oliver Howard

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Michael Fish, Tony Howard and the plaque