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Cousins Party
The Downs School - May 29th 2004

A gathering of Cousins was organised by Ian and Angela Beer, with help from many other family both near and far at The Downs school at Colwall which has had many connections with Quaker family members. Around half the 160 or so attending came from "Budget" families, another large group were Somervell family members and the connected Hoylands, with a small group of other Lloyds. (See the list)  A tree (download the MS-Word Document) illustrates the connections of the family branches represented.

downs.jpg (236141 bytes)

wholegroup-6.jpg (98825 bytes)

The Big Picture (a bigger version - 225Kb - here)

Photo Call at Colwall

Watch the birdie!

After lunch, there were two short talks, and thanks to the Speakers we have a transcript of what was said. These were followed by a spirited rendition of Leopold Mozart's Toy Symphony by The Cousins' Chamber Orchestra (managed and led by Susan Humphreys)

Richard Lloyd talked about The Howard Legacy - Luke Howard, his son John Eliot, and "The Budget" which continues to link together members of the family. (Download file)

Alan Lloyd talked about the Lloyd family, from Dolobran to Birmingham, and read excerpts from the notes his Gt Grandfather John Henry Lloyd made of many Cousinly Gatherings in and around Birmingham (Download file)

Thanks to the School Headmaster and Governors and the Engine Drivers, the Railway provided great entertainment.

alanlloydtalk-2.jpg (81086 bytes)

Alan Lloyd's talk

orchestra-2.jpg (69706 bytes)

The Orchestra at work under Jonathan Del Mar

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Getting up steam.

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And off we go

There may be some more pictures to come here - watch this space!


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Sue Humphreys & Angie Beeer - with thanks!

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