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About John Eliot and Maria

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John Eliot Howard

This site is dedicated to information about the family of

John Eliot Howard FRS (1807-1883)

and his wife

Maria Crewdson (1807-1892)

who lived at
Lord's Meade, Tottenham, London.

The site is provided by the current generation of their descendants to help maintain cousinly links amongst ourselves, and to provide a point of contact for others with an interest in our family history. For over a hundred years, a "Budget" (i.e. a folder) of letters has circulated around representatives of each branch of the family - a process which continued until recently, but which has now been mostly replaced by email communication among those members of the family who wish to take part - contact us via the link below:

Other visitors may wish to contact us at

John Eliot Howard's Bicentenary
December 2007 was the bicentenary of his birth, and members of his extended family and other cousins celebrated this event with a PARTY on September 15th; a boat trip from London to Kew, was followed by a talk from a Kew Gardens researcher and an exhibition relating to his work on Cinchona.
Follow the "Budget Parties" link.